Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Into Action

Am I the only one that’s in shock that it’s fall already? In the world of the NSS girls that means one thing –the 2008 National Stationery Show is officially in motion! Post-show analysis is complete and exciting promotions are in the works. So is the planning for seminars, special events and other activities to make the show fun, interesting, exciting and productive. On the admin and customer care front, fall also means meetings galore to be sure we’ve covered all of the bases in our communication to customers! Most notable in my role as Show Coordinator, is that contracts and deposits are pouring in (the due date was yesterday – October 3) from returning exhibitors.

So what’s the inside scoop?

Looks like NSS 2008 is going to be great! Sure, it’s only October, BUT our long-standing exhibitors are returning and expressing plans to unveil new booth displays, and many of last May’s first-timers are asking to double their booth space or upgrade to a corner! From my point of view, this means they had a REALLY strong first Show. And I can’t forget to mention that we have more applications for the 2008 Show than we have had at this point in the past 3 years, with lots of brand new companies as well as some former NSS favorites looking to return to the market with new product collections to debut!

The boss (Patti) tells me that my instincts are right on; that these are important indicators of the strength of last year’s show and the confidence that May 2008 will provide the return on investment “ROI”, she says, is key to their decision making. I have learned a lot about the business in my first full year on the job. One thing I can say for sure is that it is an exciting business, and our industry is filled with fantastic, creative people.

I hope you’re looking forward to the Show as much as we are! If you’re considering applying for exhibit space, I recommend doing it now – the small booths are going fast! And if you’re an Attendee – did you know that you can register to attend AND book your travel plans already? Just click here to get started. Get the best deal at your favorite hotel before it fills up – might as well do it now -- I know I’m going to!


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