Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us here would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

- The National Stationery Show Bloggers

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Husband’s Savior (Well, mine really)

His name is Jack. Jack Cards™, to be more specific.

Ladies, listen up. How many of you became responsible for finding, signing and sending all the birthday, anniversary, get well and holiday cards for your husband’s family the moment you said “I do”? After 2+ years, I recently relinquished the duty to my husband’s new friend, Jack, after one too many “Babe, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow.”

We in the social stationery biz know that handwritten greetings are still – and always will be – the most personal and thoughtful way to send a greeting. E-cards can be fun and interactive, but nothing beats a handwritten note with a personal sentiment that lands in your mailbox.

Jack Cards allows you to do just that, without needing to memorize 25 birthdays and anniversaries or rush to buy and send a card for an occasion you remembered just the day before. In one short visit to their website, you can plug in dates of important occasions for the entire year, select cards for each, and receive them in the mail (ready to mail!) to personalize and send.

Worried about the quality of the cards? Worry not. Such designers as Kate and Birdie, Bald Guy Greetings, Bob’s Your Uncle, Night Owl Paper Goods, Peaceable Kingdom Press, Wooster & Prince Papers and other top companies are among the choices.

The men in our lives will never stop doing this to us, so sign up ladies! No regrets from this Jack Cards member.


Friday, November 13, 2009

A ramble

We’re almost done with booth changes for returning exhibitors to the National Stationery Show! Hurray!! Here, back in our glamorous offices at 1133 Westchester Avenue, we have been toiling away on behalf of companies looking for new spaces in the Show. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish and takes up most of mid-October right up until Thanksgiving. It is like this every year, without fail. If you are attending the Show this May, I hope you notice some of your favorite companies in their new locations. Hundreds of exhibitors have moved. (This is typical, too!) Sometimes exhibitors tell us they want to be near each other – to create a neighborhood. Again, this can be a challenge, but it is so very rewarding to be able to accomplish something like this. In fact, (am I letting the cat out of the bag?) you should look for Egg Press, Hello Lucky, Hammerpress and eieio at the Show. They’re all in new booths, and they’ve each staked their claim on a corner spot facing each other. I can’t wait to visit this area of the Show myself, because I know these companies are all friends, and they’re cooking up some collective fun for May. Hint: find them on the 1500 aisle.

I truly enjoy working on the change process because it gives me the excellent opportunity to chat with exhibitors. As we map out new booth spaces together, I get to hear how their year has been (October was great – lots of re-orders and new orders, too), the new products they will be introducing in May (everyone will), and about their sleepless nights putting the finishing touches on their products and packing and shipping them. Hello Anthropologie – you were busy buyers this year! So many of the NSS exhibitors I’ve spoken with got some nice big orders from you, and they all seem to be shipping RIGHT NOW!

We’re also welcoming tons of new companies to the 2010 Show, and have been busy getting them situated into booth spaces for May. I love speaking with the folks at new companies. These talented individuals are on the brink of success! They have great designs, and just need to do the Show to get their products in the hands of customers. It’s fun to talk with folks at this stage – before they’ve “made it.” It’s also great to catch up with them a few years later to hear how much they’ve grown! I have tons of stories, and one that comes to mind is Night Owl Paper Goods. The name of the company came from the fact that our good friend Mr. Stuart Alan Henderson started this company at night – while working a “day job.” Well, the years of hard work have paid off, and now Night Owl is actually run by day!

I applaud and admire each and every one of you who took the brave step to put your designs out there and start your own companies.

It’s not too early to decide to exhibit in the National Stationery Show. If you are on the brink of success, give me a call so I can learn about your company and the kind of stores you hope to “be in.”

If you are a retailer – it’s also not too early to register for your badge for the Show. Our hotel block has been set for a while now, and you can start planning your visit.

Sorry no pics today – I’ve been too busy staring at this floorplan getting things done. You should see my bloodshot eyes. Really!

Until next time - Kelly