Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Countdown Begins!

January means one thing here in the office: manuals, manuals, manuals! This month the NSS girls, along with our co-workers in the Operations and Marketing departments, have been hard at work updating, proofreading and finalizing the marketing and setup manuals for both the National Stationery Show® and The Supply Side®. These manuals guide exhibitors how to go from the abstract “I have a booth in NSS or TSS” to the end results you’ll see in May. They’re jam packed with pre-show and at-show marketing information, after-show follow up guides, deadlines, programs & events, value added opportunities, advertising ideas, booth furniture, electrical & carpet order forms etc. etc.

With only 4 months until show time, we’re excited to see what the 2008 Show will bring. We have many brand new companies in NSS and we’re expecting nothing less than 4 days of productive business and excitement throughout the market.

Last NSS, we had the eye-catching, crystal covered Mini Cooper, Bob Mankoff signing autographs, the Have You Seen the Louie’s campaign, the trend predictions by the leading trade editors, a fabulous party at Rockefeller Center, an opening day parade featuring the NSS girls followed by a brass band, and of course, who can forget that bright blue carpet and bold colored envelopes hanging overhead?

So, exhibitors out there, what surprises do you have in store for 2008? Tell us about your promotional plans! We would love for you to contact us so we know what you’re cooking up -- and why your booth will be the talk of this year’s Show. Remember, to inspire attendance and bring buyer to your booth, this is important to think about now! Leave us a comment or send your response to Jess at:

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