Thursday, April 3, 2008

It’s Cool to Learn; It’s Really Cool to Connect!

It’s amazing how much new technology has changed the way we do business. It wasn’t that long ago that we used a typewriter to create National Stationery Show contracts AND badges…imagine that; were wowed by the FAX; and we knew the voice of every exhibitor in the Show. While we surely aim to maintain a highly personal relationship with our customers, we are more widely using new technologies to enhance how we do what we do.

To this point, we just completed a 3-part exhibitor webinar series. The program covered the basics of exhibiting at the National Stationery Show, and it was a huge success! The topics included marketing, logistics & operations, and booth design & display. The technology tools were fantastic; the speakers were in independent locations (in one case, I was on a business trip and spoke from my hotel, while my counterpart was in another part of the country. Becky Taylor, my PR colleague, operated the program from the home base in White Plains). And, the 45-person audience was spread across the country and overseas. Amazing.

The Operations program included our partners from Freeman Decorating – and it was so helpful to the new exhibitors; it demystified the whole Javits/New York thing that people have in their heads. Kelly led the Design & Display program with Mike Oleskow of Max & Lucy and Modus Operandi, and in a word, it rocked. So many of the new exhibitors are artists, so we know that creatively there is no question of their sense of beauty. BUT, building a display that is inviting and which promotes sales is a whole new game. We got a big thumbs-up from our exhibitor customers and we know they’ll be in a more ready position as a result.

In a few weeks, we’ll deliver our third annual New Buyer Webinar. This is geared to first-time attendees. We have two veterans supporting the program, one a retailer that has attended for many years, and the other, a long-standing exhibitor. Both really know their stuff and are wonderful people! Becky Taylor is again orchestrating the program – she has become a real pro! Click here for more information on this Webinar.

We are all about customer service. Personalized and on-target customer service. It would be great to hear from you on this very issue – even if you’re not currently an exhibitor or attendee! What topics matter to you/your business at it relates to the National Stationery Show or larger industry issues? We intend to expand our Webinar series, in particular, and would greatly value your ideas.

6 weeks to go!


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  1. Hi Patti:

    Yikes, you brought me back to my early newspaper days. I still have that typewriter and I can't wait to show it to my grandson. He'll have no clue! Even a 200-year-old stationery company can take advantage of emerging technologies. I hope you'll visit the new blogs from Crane & Co.

    The Crane Insider:

    Ms. Bliss:

    Six weeks and counting. See you at The Show!

    Peter Hopkins