Monday, May 19, 2008

Live From Show Site!

The 62nd National Stationery Show opened yesterday! 1 day down and 3 to go! My first day was so full of excitement; I feel I need to blog about it.

As the sales manager on the Show, I am what I call the “women about the floor”. I spend my day walking the aisles speaking with customers helping wherever needed. Yesterday I was on break duty for our “Passport to Discovery” program. You ask what is Passport to Discovery? Well, as the name passport implies, buyers travel from country to country receiving a stamp for each place the visit. They also received an exhibitor donated product. At the end of the voyage the traveler is entered into a drawing for either a free round trip to the next NSS or a $200 American Express card. What a fun addition to the Show! It’s great to see our retailers having such a great time searching for their next country.

- Arque

We can’t believe the Show is half over already! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had much time to post blogs, but we can’t wait to update you with stories and pictures once we’re back in the office. And we also can’t wait to hear YOUR stories and see YOUR pictures too!

*The NSS Team*

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  1. The show was wonderful! If you're looking for some more photos of the show, I've posted them over on our blog.

    Thanks again for another great NSS!