Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jessica's Fond Farewell

Although June is dedicated to post show talk, this week we’re taking a break with a special show team announcement. Our show coordinator, Jessica Reiche, has been promoted to Administrative/Conference Manager of the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show (IH/M&RS) as well as the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) within GLM. As a result, tomorrow is her last day on the NSS/TSS team and this will be her last blog as part of the NSS Girls. Please join us in wishing her the best in her new role.

It’s with mixed feelings that I’m leaving the Show. With excitement for my new role and new shows but with sadness because of the great memories I have working with the NSS Team and of course the exhibitors. The Stationery Show was not only the first trade show I’ve ever worked on – it’s the first trade show I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe all the hard work and effort that goes on behind the scenes involving many people and companies to make an annual 4 day show so successful. At first it was so exciting to see the big displays and meet key people in large companies I only knew of from shopping in the stores, but as I got more involved I saw the excitement behind the smaller companies as well. Each new company has a dream and a story and I love hearing how the National Stationery Show helped them grow and succeed.

Looking back 2+ years ago, when I joined the National Stationery Show, I realize that I have changed a bit due to being in the industry.

No longer can I pick up (or receive) a card without turning it over to see who made it.

I truly appreciate handmade cards and will buy much nicer cards for my friends and relatives than I used to.

I’ve always loved stationery and “pretty paper” as I used to call it, but now I’ve got some of my friends into it also.

As a pen lover, I now know why people spend a lot of money on “the perfect pen.”

And I think most importantly to the Show, as a member of the “paperless” generation, and a person who communicates mostly through email and text messages (even with my own mom!), I truly know the importance of writing and receiving a handwritten letter or note.

Now I could end this blog here, but what fun would that be? Here are the top 10 things I will miss about working on the Stationery Show (and I apologize in advance to anyone that may get embarrassed by this – that’s what you get for not being in the office on my last day!)

10. Tuesday morning team meetings that usually do not have an “end time.” There’s nothing like walking into a meeting realizing that you probably shouldn’t have had a large mug of coffee right before sitting down.

9. Patti’s excitement when something good happens. It’s contagious.

8. Sitting between Rosanne and Arque every day – it’s always an adventure!

7. Answering the group line – you never know who’s going to be on the other end and what they’re looking for. I think we’ve all ended up in some really strange conversations.

6. Food shopping for the Show Office. It’s always interesting when Rosanne and I have to shop for 15+ people for 8 days, some with very specific requests!

5. Talking to really nice exhibitors. I think the Stationery Show probably has the most chatty, personable exhibitors around and its fun to hear their stories. So many of them really appreciate my help and it makes the job much more pleasurable.

4. Sitting down the hall from my best (work) friend. With a new position comes a new desk and I’ll be on the other side of the office! I think we became best friends because we see each other countless times during the day.

3. Sitting next to the copier that many people in the office do not know how to work. Lucky for them I knew how to help them, but they’re in trouble now!

2. Working on the blog. I’ve had a huge role developing and maintaining the blog; it’ll be hard to not be a part of it.

1. The NSS Girls as a whole. I’ve learned so much from each one on the team and I’m extremely grateful for this experience. I know whoever takes my place on the Show will learn as much as I did!

So farewell NSS/TSS and hello IH/M&RS & ICFF (what’s with GLM and all of our acronyms anyway??) - I’ll see everyone at the 2009 Show (although I’ll be downstairs now!)


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