Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Experience!

Okay so I wear a lot of grey… and black and tan and brown… well, you get the picture. I’ve worked at GLM for 18 years but at a very different industry. The Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show is a fabulous show but it’s so different from NSS. It’s very corporate and everything is more….. tailored!

This will be my first Stationery Show and thus far it’s been a great new experience! I’ve been meeting Stationery exhibitors and their enthusiasm runs wild. It’s an infusion of art and creativity by a group of people well able to express themselves – artists interpreting feelings, poets penning appropriate sentiments. And then there are those colors - a fearless array of hot pinks, vibrant greens, bold yellows - flowing freely from exhibitor booths, creating very emotional and happy feelings. I’ll have to get used to that!

What a wonderful industry that celebrates every day life! While emailing friends is fast, there’s nothing like receiving an envelope with greetings in the mail. This, in itself, has become a special event. It’s good to know that the tradition of being socially connected continues. And where better than the National Stationery Show.

As a newcomer myself, I’m especially impressed with some of the programs developed to support new exhibitors. There are mentoring programs that take the fear out of a first-time experience by pairing the new with the seasoned exhibitor. Free attendees labels that allow a first-timer to reach a legitimate number of potential clients. For small businesses and owners who wear too many hats, it’s a welcoming gesture from an industry that embodies thoughtfulness.

I’m looking forward to my first show. So if you see me in the aisles, stop me and say hello. Normally I’d say I’ll be wearing a charcoal grey skirt and white shirt but this year it might be different… I might be flaunting turquoise slacks or a violet shirt, maybe a pink skirt and a yellow scarf, no it could be an orange suit or a …..


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