Friday, November 20, 2009

My Husband’s Savior (Well, mine really)

His name is Jack. Jack Cards™, to be more specific.

Ladies, listen up. How many of you became responsible for finding, signing and sending all the birthday, anniversary, get well and holiday cards for your husband’s family the moment you said “I do”? After 2+ years, I recently relinquished the duty to my husband’s new friend, Jack, after one too many “Babe, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow.”

We in the social stationery biz know that handwritten greetings are still – and always will be – the most personal and thoughtful way to send a greeting. E-cards can be fun and interactive, but nothing beats a handwritten note with a personal sentiment that lands in your mailbox.

Jack Cards allows you to do just that, without needing to memorize 25 birthdays and anniversaries or rush to buy and send a card for an occasion you remembered just the day before. In one short visit to their website, you can plug in dates of important occasions for the entire year, select cards for each, and receive them in the mail (ready to mail!) to personalize and send.

Worried about the quality of the cards? Worry not. Such designers as Kate and Birdie, Bald Guy Greetings, Bob’s Your Uncle, Night Owl Paper Goods, Peaceable Kingdom Press, Wooster & Prince Papers and other top companies are among the choices.

The men in our lives will never stop doing this to us, so sign up ladies! No regrets from this Jack Cards member.


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