Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do you know Paperclips?

Have you seen Paperclips yet? If not, you’re missing out! Paperclips is our new e-newsletter that covers a lot of the happenings in the stationery world – whether it be our show, trends, events or anything in between. Make sure you check out the past issues on our website so that you are up-to-date! #6 releases in the upcoming weeks. And, if you want to subscribe, just send me an email: or let me know by posting a comment!

In other news, here in the office, applications for the 2008 Show are flying in! I cannot believe how many new companies are already preparing for the Show – it’s great. I can already see some of their booths in my mind. The Show is definitely going to feature some terrific, design-forward start-ups!

While Patti was traveling she told me about 2 companies whose products she saw on the road (one was paper and one was a leather goods company). She talked about the patterning trend that’s "out there" and described the pattern and colors to me. Was it sheer coincidence that the applications I reviewed that very day represented products with the very same pattern? Reminded me of another GLM show, SURTEX’s tagline – Designs for Every Surface. Licensing will probably be really big this year!

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  1. Paperclips is great! Keep them coming!