Friday, August 3, 2007

Summer Stripes

Hard to believe it’s August…if time could just slow down a bit wouldn’t we all be a bit happier? I know I would. I’ve barely begun to exhale.

Summer is a time when so many of us kick back, relax and recharge. The business travel this summer had many of the NSS girls on the road – not the most relaxing of tasks, but surely among the most fun. It’s wonderful to see our customers, our friends, really, as we visit shows and stores around the country. It’s also a great way to see how a trend is interpreted across different American cities. For instance, stripes…

Here I was in the middle of the country in a small, independent home décor shop. There, I saw a dense, 9-color stripe on ceramic tableware. I thought, how perfect for my must-replace set of dishes! Loved the stripe, loved its luster on the ceramic. Next stop, a store local to me (NY suburb), a favorite, really, for cards and custom printing. The same stripe on notecards and paper tableware – and on giftwrap, which this store used as wallpaper – neat idea. Keep going, right? Yes indeed. Take me to the Southeast, baby! The same stripe on luggage, golf club covers and rain boots! What??? Next stop, Southern California…Throw pillows, mousepads and dresser liners. And, instead of wallpaper, this store put the paper in a fabulous frame.

I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me. Anything goes when you think creatively, flexibly. But, I just had to share because thinking outside the proverbial box can take us places that can bring us success and growth where we least expect it!

~ Patti ~

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