Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pet Extravagance

Last week I had to buy 2 presents: one for my best friend and one for her dog, Charlie. Which present cost more? The dog’s!

“Pet extravagance”, as I call it, is not the fad I thought it would be. Years after Paris Hilton started clothing her dog in diamonds, pet boutiques, gift stores and doggie spas are everywhere, and still very much in business! I never had reason to step into any of these locations until I received an invitation to Charlie’s birthday party. I couldn’t resist! After spending over an hour in the store, I walked out with my arms full of the cutest dog clothes and toys I could find and spent a good part of my paycheck enthusiastically. My favorite purchase being the mama’s boy t-shirt:

After this shopping excursion, I remembered the number of exhibitors in NSS who create products specifically for the pet-loving public. Pictured below are a few examples - from cards to magnets to frames, pets are on everything!

Greeting Card: Dr. D’s for Dogs

Magnets: Gifty Idea

Frame: Pearhead, Inc.

I am sure that “man’s best friend” will enjoy even more attention from our creative industry this holiday season. Hey - what about the rabbits, guinea pigs and goldfish?

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