Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cards, Cards, Cards!

Yesterday I received my first holiday card of the season in the mail at home. Exciting! And, thank you, Louise! I love this time of year, and one of the biggest reasons is because of sending and receiving holiday cards. I always hear about the “mail moment” and “happy mail” at Greeting Card Association meetings. I would say that holiday time (for me, it’s Christmas) is my biggest “mail moment” time of the year. (Also, my birthday is in December - Yay!) I love opening my mail box and getting all different colored, and shaped, envelopes. I receive about 40 holiday cards each year which also means that I send at least that many.

All of the cards I receive from friends and family (both near and far-flung) end up being favorites. I love that each card was chosen by the sender because I really do believe that the card carries the personality of the sender. So whether it is religious, funny, hopeful (with the message of “Peace”), or something in-between, I love them all!

I especially love receiving letters inside. I have had a pen pal since 4th grade (if you know how old I am, you’ll realize this is a long time!) Ellen lives in Missouri, and I’m in New York, and our lives sure have changed over the years. We don’t communicate much during the year anymore (regrettably) – just an email exchange or two in the summer– but at this time of year, I look forward to receiving her update and new pictures of the kids. I know it takes some time to write one of these updates, and I, for one, appreciate that the writer has set aside the time to do it.

I also have to admit that I am a “flipper!” Ever since that Hallmark commercial (years ago) taught us to flip the card over to see the maker, I have been flipping my cards. These days, I get to see the names of companies I know and work with, and that just adds to the excitement of opening the envelope!

Now, I have just one problem, and I need your help! For years I have been “displaying” my holiday cards by taping them to the arched entryway to my living room. Well, I painted last year, and I just don’t want to do this again. How are you displaying your cards at home? My mom uses a basket shaped like a sleigh. Nice, but you can only ever see the top card. I want to see them all! Write back with ideas. I know you are more creative than I am!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. In the meantime, I wish you joy during this holiday season!

- Kelly


  1. You gotta love Martha Stewart!

    Ribbon card holders descend from extra-large tuxedo bows, bound tightly in the middle for a billowing effect; cards slide into "pockets" created by gluing narrow satin ribbon at various intervals.

    (See the picture here:

    Thanks for the great blog- I got my first card yesterday, too- it was a Papyrus one that opened up to a 3-d house with snow and trees : )

    Warmest regards,

    Nikki Davis

    nicole davis designs

  2. Hi. I display all my cards along my mantle and adjoining built-in shelves in the living room. My husband hates all the clutter, but I love getting holiday cards and love to display them until Jan 1st. You could also stick them into your already-hung pictures on your wall - just wedge them in between the frame and the glass.

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  3. Hi Nikki and Charlotte - thanks for the good ideas! I love the Martha Stewart bow thing, thanks Nikki, and especially thanks for the link. I may also try placing the cards on frames already on the walls, too, Charlotte. I leave mine up until Jan. 6 - Epiphany (or an excuse to extend the holiday to this day...) Now I'm waiting for more cards to come my way!!