Thursday, November 15, 2007

I’m in Gear for a Big Card Sending Year!

I feel it in my bones – and I know it in my heart. This is going to be a big year for holiday card sending. Why? Because human beings crave connection more than ever today, and the greeting card industry is THE industry that enables people to stay in touch in the most personal way. You know how you approach your mailbox, thumbing through to find the envelopes that are hand addressed? This is the “happy” mail, the mail that delivers the warm, personal messaging that, well, make us happy! At holiday time, happy mail is a daily treat!

Another reason I feel this way is because while greetings cards are low tech, they are high touch. They help us convey our appreciation, our feelings toward the people who have made a difference in our business and personal lives Holiday time is the perfect opportunity to express these sentiments. As a business message, the season provides a wonderful way to thank and acknowledge our customers, vendors, employees and others without whom we couldn’t do quite the same job. And, in our personal relationships, the holidays provide a natural opportunity to reach far and wide, so dig out the threadbare phone/address books and reconnect with old pals, former coworkers and others from your past – and of course embrace your family and new friends. I find that I really long for a reason to call those long lost buddies or write throughout the year, but I don’t always get to it. Holiday time is when I draw the line.

So, here’s my 10-step plan

1. Make your personal list, and be sure to involve the kids and the spouse to
be sure you’ve included everyone!

2. Assign someone in your business to pull together your business holiday card
list. Be sure that person checks with all of your key people so the list is

3. Input the list into the computer. You can do this in a simple word
document. Then convert it into a label program.

4. Shop for your cards at your favorite store (or pick from your designs, of
course, if you are in the greeting card business). There is still time to
personalize if you do this within the next week – 10 days.

5. Shop for stamps. You can do this on line through You can
still order custom stamps, and you can also do this through the postal

6. Get photos processed, if you’re including them.

7. Get your letter written, if you’re one who likes to include a family update.

8. Have your kids label/handwrite and stamp the envelopes.

9. Have your staff person label and stamp the envelopes for your business

10. Write your cards and get’ em in the mail!

If you’re one who needs to have your cards delivered during the month of December, then they should mail by the second week of December. I like sending New Year’s cards. Most of us are still in holiday mode, and later in December my cards stand out! Bottom line, it is never too late to share your cheer with the ones in your life that matter most.

‘Tis the season,


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