Thursday, August 6, 2009

When the message really matters, it’s paper!

Over the past few weeks, several items arrived in my mailbox, and they have reminded me once again about the power that paper has to inspire, touch and brighten our lives.

First, I was delighted to receive a lovely wedding invitation, showcasing a beautiful, floral-inspired design from imprintables pioneer Colors by Design. Several days later came a handwritten note of thanks from a friend. Then our mailbox overflowed with cards helping to celebrate my husband’s birthday. All of these items from the social stationery industry could seem insignificant in the rush of our daily lives, but for my husband and me, they delivered messages of connection, caring and celebration that made us feel cherished.

Like everyone, I receive hundreds of emails per week—a never-ending flood of information, requests, spam, unwanted sales pitches, and every once in awhile, an occasional laugh. But except for business purposes, I have never kept an email, let alone saved one in my keepsake box for treasured memories. And I know that the greeting cards, invitations and personal notes I send other people are tucked away in their keepsake boxes as well.

There’s no doubt we are living in challenging times right now. Many people feel disconnected, unappreciated, and under siege. A card, a personalized note, an invitation—these are small actions make a huge and positive difference in someone’s life. I know that the power of paper continues to make a wonderful difference in mine. I’ll surely do my part to keep this enduring tradition going.

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