Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Whole New World of Paper Possibilities!

Long before I started at GLM®, I was an art major in college, hoping to do interior design. My art classes required me to sketch all my design projects on graph paper. Graph paper or lined paper helps the artist to correctly measure and accurately proportion their drawings according to the original reference point. Now, if you ever used graph paper, you’ll remember that it begins to get extremely difficult to differentiate between the actual drawing and the lines from the page especially when drawing with black pen or pencil. The dark, harsh lines cause your eye to sway from the drawing to the line. This sway causes the lined paper to compete with the drawing, rather than display the drawing. This distraction can, in fact, drastically alter the completed drawing. Instead of the viewer seeing the picture, they also see dark squares and/or dark lines intruding on the finished work. There is another crucial factor in drawing; this is known as the eraser. Once an eraser hits the surface of lined paper, it can cause the dark lines to smudge, further destroying the art. As an alternative to lined paper there is plain paper. Plain paper is just a blank slate, hoping to display art, writing, etc. However, when an artist uses plain paper they almost always have to use a ruler to make sure that the picture is level and proportionate. I thought there was no other way, until recently…

Whitelines® a new company, was started because of this very struggle. Just as the company name describes, Whitelines® has developed a paper with white lines. So that the dark markings from pens, pencils etc. do not interfere between the lines on the paper, making the writing, sketches, and drawings really stand out.

Whitelines® sells a plethora of products such as: notebooks, graph paper, notepads, journals and more. Each of their products helps to show off the picture and not the line. This is a genius idea, that not only helps artists but also mathematicians, bringing geometry equations to a whole new level!

I was so happy to meet a couple of the guys behind the company and this brilliant idea at the National Stationery Show® this past May, and I look forward to seeing them again next year! To all the artists out there, check out their website for a whole new world of possibilities.

Until next time,
Rachel Veach

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