Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Halloween Scrapbooking Journey

Ever since I’ve been working on the Show where there is so much fantastic scrapbooking and papercrafting product, and in particular this last year, I’ve considered getting into scrapbooking. But, to be honest, I find it intimidating! I give you scrapbookers a lot of credit; it’s time-intensive, requires a lot of creativity and from my experience, is really overwhelming to start. Time and time again I go to art supply and craft stores to visit the scrapbooking aisles only to leave empty handed and discouraged.

So here is my question for you readers who are true scrapbookers – do you scrapbook specific holidays? I was recently in Michael’s and A.I. Friedman. to explore the product options. Then, I spent time looking around the internet and discovered that Halloween actually has its own scrapbooking items. This really piqued my curiosity. Here are a few things I found that would definitely make it into my scrapbook (if I ever start one):

This scrapbook paper from Masterpiece Studios is so cute! I love how it incorporates fall leaves with traditional Halloween symbols.

I’m not a fan of anything scary so these embellishments from K & Company make Halloween seem more like a holiday I wouldn’t mind being a part of. Look at the smiles on these fun characters!

If you’re anything like me, the only reason you participate in anything Halloween-related is for the yummy candy; so my scrapbook would not be complete without these stickers from SandyLion.

And just because Halloween is supposed to be a little creepy, I would add a few spider web stamps to my photo filled pages. Inkadinkado makes a lot of fun Halloween themed stamps.

What are your favorite scrapbooking items? Are you creating a Halloween page? We’d love to hear your scrapbooking ideas and stories!

Have a safe Halloween,

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