Friday, January 22, 2010

The Game Change

Wow things feel really good. The fun is coming back, the attitude is great, retailers and vendors are excited, motivated, and open for business!

And, here at “NSS Headquarters” the buzz is shaking the ground. Exhibit sales and buyer registration hit record highs for the month and we scored some very big and exciting news that we’ll release closer to the Show. I really can’t tell you now.

But, I should mention how incredibly pleased we are to welcome back Recycled Paper Greetings and Papyrus to the Show floor! Great Arrow Graphics, Penny Laine, Odd Balls, Stevie Streck, too! And, how fortunate we are to be partnering with Martha Stewart Weddings on groundbreaking research that we’ll release at the Show. Maybe I should talk about some of the celebrity appearances that we’re working on. And, maybe I should tell you about the fabulous new companies that are launching in 2010. On second thought, I’ll keep those a secret for now.

The next 15 weeks are going to fly by, as we shape the exhibit floor, fine tune all of the educational sessions, special events, hospitality programs, promotions, pr, demos, media tours and so forth. But the fun is back, and we are loving the game change!


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