Thursday, February 18, 2010

Planning a Wedding: How One Man Is Doing It

Everyone tells you that planning a wedding is a lot of work and can almost become a second job. As I was growing up I heard this and kind of shrugged it off. Ever since I was a little boy, I knew that I wanted to get married someday; commitment-phobic I am not. But, I always assumed that the woman I would marry would plan the wedding. Actually, I thought that she would have the wedding already planed, long before we even met.

So I guess it only makes sense that my fiancé grew up not wanting to get married at all. There was nothing planned or thought out, no dress that she wanted to get married in or song she wanted to dance to. She was actually kind of anti-marriage.

Now we’re getting married this fall and it seems that the lion’s share of the planning is falling (no pun intended) to me. To be fair she is definitely helping out and is more than willing to give her opinion on anything put before her, but I am the driving force behind our committee of two.

So, what do we have so far? I don’t think that we are doing too badly. We have a venue, my mom and step-dads patio in central Virginia; we have a guest list; we have a “theme”, harvest time with an extremely casual dress code (shorts and tee shirts will be allowed). What we have the most of, though, is ideas. We want letterpress invitations (our colors are those of the fall) and we will probably want a tree incorporated into them somehow. We want a string quartet for the ceremony, but do we want a live band or a DJ for the reception? I don’t know and neither does she. We want a buffet style meal, but what kind of food?

I know that it will all come together in the end - my fiancé works best with a tight deadline - but for now, having this hanging over our head is stressful. I would definitely welcome any ideas, advice or cool harvest-type options. I know that I will have the opportunity to view a huge selection at the National Stationery Show, but let me know if you have any.

Oh, I guess we do have one more thing, just last night we ordered our “Save The Date” magnet. Here it is:

- Aaron

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  1. Sounds like the best kind of wedding to me :) I actually live and work in central Virginia AND will be at the NSS! Would love to meet you and hear al about your wedding plans!!