Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine’s Day - To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?

Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny. The Tooth Fairy. I believed in them all as a child, until that dark day when my older brother ruined the magic for me.

However, Cupid was not one I ever believed in. Not because I never fell in love or thought that boys were “icky” growing up – more so because I found it silly that people had to set aside one day each year to remember to express love to their sweetheart. Should that not happen every day?

So Valentine’s Day comes and goes each year with my husband and me paying little or no attention. He considers this one of my greatest attributes. So it should have come as no surprise the other night, when I said “So about Valentine’s Day…,” that my husband looked up with a scared expression, as if the month of February as he knew it was crumbling down around him. “Maybe we should recognize the day as a way of teaching Brianna about love,” I continued. His response was typical…and correct. “You are just looking for an excuse to buy her a present.” He knows me too well, as I already had this card and gift picked out for our precious 1-year-old little girl.

Pink with red glitter hearts, the Giraffe card by Papyrus will make her smile. The giraffe is her favorite animal (for the moment, at least).

A lover of chocolate already, “Lilly’s Chocolate Heart” from HarperCollins/GreenWillow Books is sure to be her new favorite book.

And for my husband? Well, he will continue to receive the gift of not worrying about Valentine’s Day. Although he will ask – as he does every year – “Am I going to be in trouble the day after Valentine’s Day?”


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