Thursday, March 25, 2010


What, too busy to blog – who me? Here I sit at 5:01 pm on Thursday realizing that I haven’t had a moment to myself today to write and “publish” this week’s blog. And it’s my turn. Hmmm… What to share…

We have been so busy here on the NSS team that we hardly have time to say hello to each other! The phones have been ringing non-stop with vendors looking to book exhibit space - lots of exciting new companies coming to the Show this year. We’re psyched – the Show is going to be great!

Our exhibitors new and experienced have an excellent opportunity (FREE) to reach out to the Show’s buyers this year. Exhibitors, please check into the “marketing opportunities” section of the website next month to learn more. We know that buyers love to receive information about who’s exhibiting ahead of time. Don’t miss this great opportunity to tell them about your company’s participation!

We already have 3,500 new buyers registered for the Show. That’s a lot! Of course, this number doesn’t even include the thousands and thousands of buyers about to receive their badges in the mail. Exciting! And we know there will be more buyers registering in the next several weeks leading up to the Show. We really are looking forward to a busy Show with bustling aisles.

I can’t wait for this year’s Opening Night Party! The new venue, Battery Park Gardens, boasts a great view of the Statue of Liberty. It’s always fun to get together on the after the first day of the Show is done. The energy is always high and palpable. – Funny, just as I was writing this an exhibitor called me to ask about this party! (We’re looking forward to seeing you at the party, folks!)

Another question I get asked often enough is about hotels in the City. Please know that I have not stayed at every single one of them. (Though it would be fun to attempt to do so – I just think it would take years!) We have a great variety on “the block” that Travel Planners puts forward – and most are on the shuttle bus route to the Javits Center. Check out photos and shuttle bus info on our website, and book your accommodations soon, if you haven’t already! Rooms are filling up fast.

One more thing - as I was about to conclude this blog, I received an email from an exhibitor who asked about getting help with in-booth sales. Help is available! If you have reps, of course ask them to spend some time with you in your booth meeting customers and taking orders. If you don’t – or you just need to staff up, let us know – we’ve got resources for this, and can recommend you to companies that provide exactly this kind of service.

So, that’s it for now from me. Big hellos to the entire NSS team – you’ll probably read this before you see me, we’re all so busy!

Until next time -


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