Thursday, March 18, 2010

Students: The Force Behind the NSS New Product Display

Seems like it was not so long ago that I was a college student searching for internships and volunteer work to boost up my rather meek PR & journalism resume. Obituary writer for the local weekly newspaper…coffee runner for a local PR firm…intern for my college PR office...and the list goes on.

They all sucked the life out of me, but I graduated college with a respectable resume and great references that helped me land my first job. Never mind the salary, which was even more humble than my resume was just one year earlier.

For the 2009 National Stationery Show, and again this year, I have been privileged to work with a select group of visual merchandising students and faculty from Manhattan-based LIM College to design and merchandise the NSS New Product Display. From the ground up, this display is all them. This special focus area is the first glimpse buyers get of the hundreds of new products launching at NSS, immediately after they walk through registration. To these students, it’s a highlight for their resume…a feather in their cap.

The social stationery industry is no different than any other. Current students are our future. They are our future designers, artists, retailers, manufacturers and more. So stop by the New Product Display and give these students the kudos and encouragement they deserve. You will like what you see, so don’t hesitate to snag one of them up for an internship or volunteer project before it’s too late. They are at the NSS to build credentials and network – just like you and me back in the day.

See you soon,

PS – If you’re an exhibitor and haven’t submitted your new product(s) yet for the Best New Product competition and display, you have only until April 12 to do so. Enter today by clicking here (scroll to bottom of page).

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