Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Eats In NYC

Wow, do I love to eat!! And one of the reasons why New York is such a great event city is because of all of its restaurants. From greasy spoon to ultra fine tablecloth, there’s a selection to be had.

One of the more interesting websites for finding good eats is Register for free and every few days you’ll receive news about a good eats deal. It could be a free bottle of wine, a free cheese platter or 30% off your dining bill. Eateries of all kinds are included in this -- from very new places to very established restaurants like Aquavit or Cipriani.

You’ll receive the “deal” via email. You’ll have 24 hours to decide if you want this deal. It’s a one day only invitation but you get a pass code and thirty days to use it. These places are not sluggish little cafes that are hurting for business, so make a reservation whenever possible. It’s a great way to entice you to try many different types of restaurants in many different neighborhoods.

So when you’re in NY for the NSS, don’t just stay in midtown. Take a cab, take the train, take the bus, and try something different. Life is good. Go take a big bite out of it!

Have fun! Alyson

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