Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the Winner is…

Happy, sad, seasonal, supportive, congratulatory, condolence and the like. How to say it or convey it has become a meaningful industry. For 22 years, the Louie Awards have offered recognition to all those who put their best foot forward in the greeting card industry. Here you’ll find winners of “Handmade”, “Superbly Stated”, and “The Judges’ Choice”, just a few of the fifty-six categories.

Entries are judged by imagination, impact, artistry, harmony, send-ability and value. And can you imagine -- over 1,000 cards from over 170 international publishing companies were judged by members of the Greeting Card Association and fellow industry professionals! It’s an annual testimonial to those who help make it so much easier to express our feelings.

This year a special category was added. “The Young Entrepreneur” award found its way into the hands of ten-year-old Ian Meier, whose handmade cards are selling like hot cakes in the Philadelphia area. The young designer says that making cards “gives him a good feeling” and he was absolutely thrilled to be part of the night’s festivities. And what an event it was.

Young Ian Meier in his element gages his future industry!

The Louis Awards were held last night at The Lighthouse at the Chelsea Piers where merriment persisted and dancing topped off the evening. Cards of the nominated categories flanked the entrance. Nominees beamed, knowing how important the awards are. And like the many sentiments that are expressed in their cards, the room was filled with warmth, good wishes, and lots of happy faces. It was a fun-loving crowd emphasizing the importance of the very industry they serve.

It’s good to be acknowledged by your peers…. so make sure you swing by the Louie Awards area at the back of the 3600 aisle to see who’s won what! You might even send them a note of congratulations! Yep, there’s time. The National Stationery Show runs through Wednesday, May 19, 2010. See you there.

Lisa Manley of Butinski Design and Stacey Hagarman of S.E. Hagarman, both first-time entries, were vying for “The Rising Star Award”.

The crowd awaits the announcement of “The Card of the Year”.


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