Thursday, June 24, 2010

Change: It’s a great thing

Change is a part of life. Everything changes eventually. Sometimes the change is within our control and sometimes it is not. Some changes seem like they should be in our control, but in reality have already been made for us.

Take my wedding for example. Last time we spoke, I told you that it was going to be a fall wedding at my mother’s house in central Virginia. Maybe we would have a harvest theme; maybe we would have a string quartet play us down the aisle…

Well, none of that is happening anymore. Now we are having a destination wedding at a resort in St. Lucia - pretty big change. This was decided by my fiancé who, apparently, did have a “picture perfect wedding” in mind all along (I’d told you that she did not).

At first, I was a little freaked out. I mean we had to scrap all of our plans and start fresh. Also, none of our extended family would be able to come to the wedding due to the added expense and time. But then I realized that everything would pretty much be taken care of for us. And once we spoke with our wedding planner, Sharon (who is included in the resort wedding package), I knew that we had made the right choice. Sharon has been amazing, we give her our vague ideas and half thought-out plans, and she gives us a finished product. She has had options for even our most random wishes. Working with a wedding planner is wonderful; she is a one-stop for all of our questions.

With a change of wedding venue comes a change of wedding theme. Here are just a few of the new invitation options:

L'Oiseau from Hello!Lucky

kurai from Smock.

Foliage from elum

So, what do you think?

Pretty different from the browns, oranges, golds and reds of an autumn harvest isn’t it? Different, but good. Change is taking me somewhere I probably never would have gone otherwise, that’s what change does.

Good times…

- Aaron

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  1. I love the Foliage from elum. You can see the quality from the image! Good luck with your wedding!