Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dads and Grads (you expected something else?)

In case you haven’t heard, Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 20), and there’s still time to run out and buy Dad a gift.

I was chatting with Doni Luckutt yesterday, who brings the company Simply Alive! to the NSS each year. She reported that she had a good Show, and met with some great retailers. She’s still working with them finalizing their orders. (Note: not all orders are placed at the NSS, and Doni knows the importance of post-show follow-up! Way to go!)

I mention Doni because she has a lifestyle column in the Denver Post, and told me that she was writing about Father’s Day. Her angle is coming up with different gifts to suit different types of dads – she said she’s covering “Sporty Dad,” “Techie Dad,” – even “Sentimental Dad!” And guess what? All of her gift suggestions come from companies that exhibited in the May 2010 NSS. To see her picks (article available on Friday, June 18), click here.

Of course, a Father’s Day card is essential. Picking up on Doni’s idea, here are my card suggestions.

For Sporty Dad, here’s a great card that “covers all the bases” from J & M Martinez.

The inside reads “Happy Father’s Day.” J & M Martinez is distributed by Calypso Cards.

I’ll take “sporty” to another level – how about “He-man” – or “Gym” Dad? Here’s a “strong” choice from Up With Paper:

For the king of the castle kind of Dad, here’s a card that bestows the crown from Night Owl Paper Goods.

This card is letterpressed on 100% reclaimed & recycled cotton ecru cover paper. So it should appeal to the Eco-conscious Dad, too!

For the cool dad, here’s one from NobleWorks:

The inside reads: Happy Father’s Day to the best Dude I know.

My dad had a great sense of humor, and I definitely would have given him this great card from Selfish Kitty, which is also distributed by Calypso Cards.

The inside reads “You know, like on Mother’s Day.” Too funny! My mom would have appreciated the card, too!

I have to put this one in from Nobleworks, as well. My dad would have identified with it completely. In fact, I may have had this exact conversation when calling from college:

The inside reads: Happy Father’s Day to my favorite benefactor. That card really would have been perfect for “D.O.D.” as we called him. (Dear Old Dad). Ah, I miss him.

For sentimental Dad, something from Leanin’ Tree:

The inside of the cards reads: For being silly, for being strong, for being there, for being you. Love to you on Father's Day and every day.

For the life of me, I could not find a card out there for “Techie” Dad. Please, everyone, feel free to post your suggestions for this – or any category!

Finally, how about those Grads?! Around here (suburbs of NYC) some kids haven’t yet crossed the stage. Because we had so many school closings during the winter, the school year had to be extended ‘til the end of June!

Here’s a great graduation party invitation from Checkerboard:

Hannah Rodewald, owner of the store The Pleasure of Your Company, in Lutherville, MD (near Baltimore), has a great blog, She talked about graduation in a recent post, and I found a few great graduation cards from Quotable Inc. there. I lifted my favorite, as it seems to be what my life has been like, so I would give this card to any Grad!

Wise words. Or as some car commercial says “Enjoy the ride.”

I am told by many retailers that Bald Guy Greetings is a popular line in their stores. So, here’s one from the funny guys at Bald Guy:

Reminds me of a few other words I see misspelled a little too often!

And for the Grads themselves, who will likely be receiving cards and gifts, may I respectfully remind them to send a personal thank you note for the riches that they will receive.

This thank you card comes from Roger la Borde in a boxed set:

I love the layered look and the printed inside of the envelope.

Or, one might like the elegance offered here by Crane & Co.

So, here’s to all the great Dads and awesome Grads in our lives. May you live long and prosper!

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  1. Kelly,

    What a super dooper great line-up! We love owl of it!!

    Thank you so much for featuring our letterpress Lion Dad Father's Day card! We're so happy that you're as gaga for our goodies as we are! ;)

    We're super excited to have just launched 70+ of our new eco-friendly wood and letterpress goodies while we were at the National Stationery Show last month, so please stop by and view the entire selection at

    Again, thank you so much for the blog love. We're so honored and grateful!