Friday, June 19, 2009

Father’s Day First-Timer

This weekend is my husband’s first Father’s Day…and let me tell you, I feel the pressure. You see, for my first Mother’s Day last month, he presented me with the ultimate new mom gift – a surprise trip to a photography studio for our first family photo shoot.

The. Perfect. Gift.

So now I’m left to compete with a gift that cannot be matched. I waved the white flag early in the gift search process. He wins.

But what I did discover while attempting to “one up” him, is that Father’s Day doesn’t have to include a “#1 Dad” coffee mug or “World’s Best Dad” t-shirt. There are keepsakes out there that my husband will actually adore, that won’t be shoved to the back of the kitchen cabinet or the bottom of his t-shirt stack. Here are some of my cool finds, sure to be a hit with the hubs on his first Father’s Day:

The photo note cube by Making Memories®…perfect for my husband, who thinks one more framed photo of his daughter or wife in his office will make it “too girly”.

Personalized men’s tie by His Favorite®…because he finds no shame in showing off his precious 6-month-old.

Daddy & Me frame by EtcTrade…engraving tugs at the heartstrings, “I may outgrow your lap, but I’ll never outgrow your heart”.

And of course, the card, from Great Arrow Graphics…perfect for this daddy, who lulls his daughter to sleep every night with his guitar.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there, especially those who are celebrating for the first time. Here’s hoping you receive a keepsake that puts a smile on your face when your child is 16, in the thick of those infamous teen years.

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  1. Does His Favorite do wholesale? I'm also looking for a company that does personalized wooden frames wholesale.