Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Humor IS the best medicine!

Please don’t tell my husband, but I have a secret passion. I love greeting cards.

Nothing enchants me as much as finding an unexpected greeting card in my mailbox. As much as I delight in the designs—each card a miniature masterpiece of artwork – it is the messages that each card delivers that really wins my heart. No matter how many greeting cards I receive, I never fail to tear up at heartfelt sentiments of connection and support, friendship and encouragement contained in one small piece of card stock.

But of all the cards I’ve collected over the years, it’s the funny ones I love the most. Everyone needs a little humor these days, and greeting cards – filled with wit, “I can’t believe they thought of that” surprise, and clever charm, can pack lots of laughs in a challenging time. Writers often struggle with finding “just the right words” to convey a message; greeting card writers have to deliver huge amounts of humor in just a sentence or two. Two of my favorite birthday cards still have me smiling: “Be Yourself…Everyone Else is Taken…” proclaimed a delightful, vintage-looking Madison Park Greetings design. In another Recycled Paper card design, sent to me by my best friend, two well-dressed matrons are discussing health routines: “To stay young, the doctor said to exercise and eat the right foods…” “What?!” exclaims the other, “I thought he said ‘accessorize and buy nice shoes!” It was worth getting a year older to receive such warm gifts of laughter from people I love.

I’m looking forward to the National Stationery Show—it’s my favorite time to catch up on all the hilarious cards I haven’t received. You’ll recognize me—I’ll be the tall brunette, standing in the Design Design, Mikwright, Avanti, and Noble Works booths, opening greeting cards, and laughing out loud!


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