Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's a Wrap!

So there I was last night, December 23rd, standing at my ironing board* wrapping the gifts I will be giving to my family and friends on Christmas Day. You can only imagine my frustration as gift after gift poked through the cheap wrapping.

Q. Why the %$#@ do I have this cheap, thin, gift wrap? (Don’t I know better?)
A. The design was cute, it came in a coordinating pack of 3, and was inexpensive – and purchased last year at one of the more design-forward “big box” stores. And yes, I do know better.

Luckily for me, I have a nice inventory of much thicker, higher quality gift wrap. Some of what I found in my stash was from Turnowsky. Oh, such a difference. The thickness of this high quality paper was truly a wonder to me last night, in comparison to what I’d tried to use. And the design, you must know, is just gorgeous – layered, with foiling, rich colors - sumptuous! The feel of folding this paper is just so much more enjoyable. Seriously. With the thin paper, it’s like a fight – this stuff folds in on itself, and of course there’s that ripping thing. With thick gift wrap like this, wrapping does become a joy. Instead of feeling like Mr. Scrooge – “bah humbug!” - I feel the spirit of the season, and know I can proudly present my gifts to each recipient.

To top off any present, ribbon or other decoration is a must. I am not a stick-on ribbon kind of gal. I have skeins of double-faced satin ribbon from Berwick Offray, in practically every color. I also have some absolutely gorgeous velvet ribbon from Midori, and one of the gifts I am giving my mother got this special treatment! (I may try to take it back so I can re-use it next year!!) And wire-ribbon is also a must. If I decide to get really crafty, I will tie on a pinecone, or sticks of cinnamon – or something else clever like that.

In order to keep things straight, there’s the gift tag. Often, I do not have tags specifically coordinated with the wrap. Instead, I try to find tags that are in the same color family as the wrap. I have some wonderful gift tags from Pikme. Designer/Owner Kirsten Reynolds is truly prolific. From this line, I have tags of Christmas (pine) trees, holiday florals, mermaids, flamingos – and so much more. One of my niece’s presents has the mermaid tag on it. I also recently bought some cute letterpress gift tags from Delphine – they feature a polar bear and the paper is shimmery! (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I love a little glitz., shimmer & sparkle!)

Finally, there’s the * above to be addressed. Do any of you wrap like me – on the ironing board? I am nearly 5’ 11” and I find that the ironing board is the perfect height for me – ergonomically. Instead of sitting (and likely slouching) amidst all the wrap, ribbons and tags, I like to stand so that I am able to move about. (To retrieve each gift, back and forth to the kitchen for just a little more bubbly…)

I should have taken a few photos of all of this, but instead, visit each company’s website to get a taste of their wonderful offerings.

Happy Holidays to you!!! Enjoy the season, and remember – if you have been thinking of exhibiting in the National Stationery Show, give me a call 914-421-3228. And if you are in retail and would like to attend, please remember to register for your badge on our website!

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