Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrating Our Independence

Aside from the occasional birthday or mid-summer wedding, the summer months do not offer a lot in the way of celebrations or occasions to reach out to friends and family through greeting cards and the written word.

Fortunately, there is the 4th of July.

When I think about the 4th, I think of fireworks, John Philip Sousa marches, Uncle Sam and, of course, cookouts. And that is where stationery comes in. How are you letting everyone know that you are firing up the old grill and that your backyard is the place to be this Saturday? Why not let everyone know about your party with this simple blank “American Flag Invitation” from Checkerboard –

Or, maybe you could send out some of these blank “BBQ King” cards from Louie Award winning Meri Meri –

And how do you plan to set your picnic table? Yes, you could pull out every dish that you own and then spend the 5th washing them, or you could put out these “Stars and Stripes Square Paper Plates” from Caspari –

And to keep the kids hands and faces clean, use the “Red, White & Blue Paper Luncheon Napkins” also from Caspari -

Regardless of how you invite guests to your get-together, you’re going to have a blast (pun intended). There is a shared sense of wonder on the 4th. As we sit with our friends, family and community members to stare up into the night sky, waiting for the next explosion of color and sound, we grow together. We are all kids again.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day.

- Aaron Hazard

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