Friday, September 4, 2009

Card Sending Begets Card Sending!

The 2009 National Stationery Show hosted the launch of the national grassroots movement called HOPE is in the cards. The mission is to spread HOPE across America one card or letter at a time through the mail - what a concept!

The greeting card business - and the US Postal Service - have been dramatically impacted by the proliferation of technology tools that people use to communicate. And not to mention our culture that is quickly losing touch with the meaningful gesture of putting pen to paper to communicate. The HOPE program has the potential to remind us of that "mail moment" - the wonderful feeling you get when you see a hand addressed envelope in your mailbox.

I am proud that NSS is among the founding sponsors of HOPE. We are behind Russ Haan, its founder, to forge ahead with incredible ideas to build momentum. One such is the first Week of Hope that launched two days ago and continues through September 7th. You won't believe some of the amazing stories, some of which you can read about on the Hope site.

Retailers across the country are united in their support of the program. They're bringing it to their customers and their communities in ways that help promote traffic to their stores and ultimately sales. The fundamental gesture in common is that every customer that purchases a greeting card gets a free first-class stamp from the retailer. It's that easy.

Do your part and send a card during the Week, for as so many in the industry put it "card sending begets card sending."


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