Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creativity Fuels

Creativity is a big part of what the National Stationery Show is all about. Our exhibitors are creative. Our attendees are creative. Our staff is creative.

The one thing I’ve realized with the technology vs. paper debate I’ve heard about for years is that no matter what, all great products are because of great creativity; and the world will never stop buying great, creative products.

How often do you go into a store not planning on buying anything, and end up with “the cutest thing ever?” There is something inside all of us that has this “I just have to have that” adrenaline rush when we see something new and creative. I know I’m on a budget, I know I already have 4 unused notebooks at home in my desk, but that color…that design…that paper…I must own it. Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re not a notebook nut like I am. But maybe it’s pens; maybe it’s magnets…how about frames and photo albums? Desk novelties and mugs. Or it’s the newest design of post-it and organizational systems. No? Well maybe it’s your kids. It’s the folders and stickers and plush toys. That back to school shopping you just finished doing. If you’re in your 20s or 30s maybe it’s a girly laptop sleeve or a men’s leather messenger bag. It’s a new makeup bag or pocket mirror. Or it’s an iPod cover or cell phone case.

Whatever your guilty purchasing pleasure is, I bet it’s because of someone’s creativity. Some designer/manufacturer/retailer/marketer/sales representative/store manager saw a fresh, new idea and got creative.

So, we want to know:

1 – what fuels your creativity?
2- what’s your guilty purchasing pleasure?

We love to hear from our readers – please post a comment below!



  1. My creativity is fueled by the simplicity of every day life - anything from a flower to the weather, to my mood that day. My guilty purchase is *always* shoes! My favorite shoes are polka dotted stilettos, chunky plaid heels, and my colorful retro heels!

  2. My creativity is fueled by keeping a notebook with me at all times to catch the creativity bug whenever and wherever it may strike. I'm also inspired by others, images, and phrases, such as Emerson's "Scatter Joy" which I bought on impulse just as you described in today's blog post.
    Guilty pleasure= Pens and Notebooks