Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Sneak Peek

Okay, readers. You are a privileged group! We can’t contain our excitement any longer, so we’re giving our blog readers a tiny glimpse at the new vibe of the National Stationery Show. And our new vibe isn’t just a new look – it’s a new philosophy and outlook on our obligation to the industry as its leading event. This new vibe can be summed up in just one word - Community.

Gone are the days of the National Stationery Show as just a 4-day event…although no doubt among the most productive four days of your year! We are about to unveil a new website that will intrigue and inspire you year-round with breaking industry news, new product features, industry polls and more. Creating a sense of community is our goal, and we think you’ll agree that we have achieved just that.

Be sure to check out in another week or so to see our dynamic, community-based new website. Spend a few minutes taking in the latest industry headlines, scoping out some great new products and learning about the Show itself. And did I mention the user-friendly navigation? We always enjoy talking to our customers, and will miss those “where can I find…?” phone calls.

Let us know what you think…and of course, send news, product announcements and anything else you think might be a good fit for our new website.

Happy navigating,


  1. I really liked the website.
    It was so well done and informative... because of it I am seriously considering doing the Stationary Show, it will be my first wholesale show.