Thursday, May 14, 2009

nss set-up day 2 - getting busy

Hello from day 2 of set-up at the National Stationery Show! It's been so busy here on-site! More exhibitors have shown up to set-up their booths, and many of those who are here are also dropping off their products for the Best New Product Display which will be in the "Crystal Palace Lobby" near the entrance of the Show. It's exciting to see all the submissions - sorry I can't share pics with you! You will have to be at the Show to see these!

What I can share is more photos from on-site as the Show builds up around us!

Here's Patti Stracher "the boss" - a.k.a. National Stationery Show Manager with Mike Ruberry, GLM's vice president of operations. This picture was taken in the Show Office located on the 4B Terrace. Note the walkie-talkie in Patti's hand. Even in though we all have cell phones, we mostly use our "radios" to communicate with each other here at Javits.

Display Designs creates fabulous booths for so many exhibitors in the Show. But before the booths get set, they get delivered in these distinctive crates! I'm not quite sure which exhibitor's booth was inside, but it could have been for MomAgenda, Anna Griffin, Olivia Reigel or Maude Asbury, to name a few!

This shot is overlooking the Show floor from the office Patti and I are sharing here on-site. It's a view of the Notes & Queries booth.

Manny Stone Decorators has been here since yesterday installing colorful foam board walls and bright white masonite flooring for a large number of exhibitors. The Show is going to look great! Here's Lloyd Stone (right) with one of his terrific colleagues.

Denise is one the security guards who will be scanning attendee badges at the Show. She's friendly! Make sure to say hi to her as you enter the Show floor.

Exhibitors at the Show are so incredible. Not only are they talented - producing drool-worthy products, but they really spend a lot of time creating great looking booths to welcome their customers once the Show is open. It's hard work, but it can be an enjoyable experience! I was so happy to come across the team of fun-loving folks at Dabney Lee's booth. As you can see, they are painting their booth a bright green, and they've gotten into the spirit of the day, and have their "war paint" on their cheeks! Here's Dabney and Courtney - looking forward to a great Show, ladies!

It has been so great to walk the Show floor and chat with exhibitors new and "old." Everyone keeps remarking on how happy they are to be here, and how much they are looking forward to seeing the buyers. The excitement is building, and I think it's going to be a great Show!

Until tomorrow - Kelly

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