Sunday, May 17, 2009

Opening Day!

Notebook? Check.
Comfy shoes? Check.
STATUS Directory? Check.

Buyers were ready and eager to hit the Show floor running today…OPENING DAY! So what’s the buzz from Day 1? Two words are circulating among the crowd... “new” and “fun!”.

Prompting the “new” comments…the New Product Display was a first glimpse at more than 300 new products launching at NSS this week. Located in the Crystal Palace just beyond registration, it was literally the first stop for everyone.

And it’s no surprise that attendees are noticing early on that NSS has a few “fun” enhancements this year. Those participating in Passport to Discovery are vying for one of these 15 fabulous designer tote bags overflowing with more than $400 in goodies.

Also on the “fun” radar – Get Married. Check out these incredible wedding vignettes drawing attention to the 1400 aisle. They speak for themselves!

And for those who remember my previous NSS blog post – aka, the girl with the extra large ladle at the Get Married chocolate fountains – my “fun” find at NSS was brought to my attention from our own Kelly Bristol. This product speaks to me…my picture on a chocolate lollipop. Here is Kelly with hers…and I NEED to get to the 1200 aisle for mine!

We’re in full swing in NYC…and looking forward to what the next few days have in store!


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