Wednesday, May 13, 2009

on-site fun

Here we are again, back at the Javits Center in New York, setting-up for the National Stationery Show. I love the energy of move-in. Many exhibitors are already here, as are the service contractors who are building some of the largest booths. Freight is being moved in on forklifts, the place is noisy with men yelling, and equipment being used - it is a construction zone, to be sure, and the excitment is in the air.

Here are some pics I took walking around the Javits today:

Patti was excited to see our "ad" on the new digital display sign outside of the Javits Center. I think it looks great!

Like I said: a construction zone with forklifts! Hardhats not required, but be careful!

Here's John, one of the head electricians. If you're an exhibitor in the 2400-3000 aisles you surely know him, and should stop here to be sure your order is in!

Doug Duncan of Motel Deluxe, getting a nice head start.

Vera Bradley's and Knock Knock's freight has arrived!

Here's Randy from InScribe - he was waiting for his freight when I came across him, but it magically appeared when I showed up! (o;

Here's Constance Kay, checking in with the electrician in her area (Mattie, not John).

And here's my cab! Aaron and I are headed out to dinner in the City with a group from work tonight. Should be fun!

- Until tomorrow!


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