Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last Day!

The National Stationery Show closed at noon today (Wednesday), and at the moment we are at the tail end of move-out. Freight has been returned to exhibitors, and most of them are packed and gone (a very fond farewell to them all).

It was a great Show. By and large exhibitors came to us - in the aisles and the Show Office - to tell us how pleased they were with the Show.

Patti was to write this post today, but honestly, she's exhausted! Aren't we all!! These Shows really take it out of a person. The adrenaline rush has surged through us all working the NSS, in fact Aaron says its gone. Officially gone. We love seeing the exhibitors at the Show we work on all year long, lookign at their new products and their beautiful botohs. It is finished too fast. Arque says it seems like yesterday we were just setting up. We wish we could see everyone during the Show, but when the buyers are with their vendors, we do just "walk on by." To those of you we didn't see, forgive us. We tried!

A big thank you to the thousands and thousands of buyers who came from all over the country and world to see their vendors and write orders. I have a feeling we're all going to see some great new products in your stores very soon!

We are actually closing the office up, and so I must go. Let me say again how much we appreciate all those who were here supporting each other and this incredible industry!

We'll be back here soon, but please don't blame us if we take a day or two off for the holiday!

See you soon.

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